Wall Painting Services Dubai

Wall Painting Services Dubai

Fixes Wall Painting Services is one of the top Service Provider for Wall Painting Services in Dubai with infinite experience in providing the quality painting services to Houses and offices Owners.We provide an extensive range of expert for Wall Painting Services in Dubai to different kind of properties like Residential, Commercial and Industrial divisions , we have the capability and specialist skills required to ensure the work completed professionally and on-time with right team.

Painting your property can be a scary prospect. We are happy to provide you an instant quote for Painting Work such as wall interior and exteriors painting for house and offices wall painting.

If you are considering to repaint your whole interior or exterior home or office wall, You can arrange an appointment with fixes expert from of our experienced team to discuss the Painting Work Directly.Our team well trained to work for projects of different types of properties and each team has a experienced supervisor to look after the Quality of Painting work.

Steps for Wall Painting

Well Clean the Wall

By a large cellulose sponge and a solution of water mixed with some drops of mild dishwashing liquid or else liquid, to clean your walls and to remove any dust, dirt, and grease.

Tape the trim Wall

Use blue painter’s tape (note: not masking tape) to shield any areas you don’t want your painting spots to get on, like as trim, molding, window frames and doors . Track long strips of the tape just inside the outer edges of these places. (The outer corners of the tape should lie accurately where the wall meets the trim, covering the parts of the trim that your roller or painting brush might hit when you paint.)

Discharge primer into a tray

Pour in sufficient so that it exactly fills the well toward the bottom of the tray without covering the angled areas of the tray where the ridges are.

Here Roll the primer onto the wall

Dip your roller into the primer, rolling it back and forth across the tray’s ridges a few times to remove any excess and prevent drips. Make it sure the roller gets evenly coated. Run the roller up and down a section of the wall, applying primer until the area is completely covered. Continue until your wall is fully covered, reapplying primer to the roller as needed.

Now Paint the trim

Dip a two-inch angled brush into the paint, coating the bristles only about a third of the way down the brush. Run the brush along the outer edge of the tape that’s covering the trim (on the wall side of the tape; not the trim side). Keep applying paint flush against your taped trim, working it outward about two or three inches from the tape. Continue until you finished painting a narrow band along all of the taped areas.

Roll Primer on paint by “w” shape

Roll the paint onto the wall in three by three foot using ‘W’ shape Painting. Working your way back across that ‘W’ without lifting roller, fill in empty squares until that section of wall is completely covered. Continue, adding more paint to the roller as it needed, until the whole wall is painted.

Remove the painter’s tape from safe areas

At final step Wrapping off the tape while the paint is still wet to escape accidentally removing any dried paint along with it.


Wall Painting Services Dubai

Wall Painting Services Dubai

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