About Us

Ever since our inception we have been delivering quality cleaning, painting,plumbing,tiles fixing,electrical fixing and A/c maintanance services to those who’ve asked these for you. Our cleaning and other services have made us into what we are today. We have crossed so many milestones and attained this stature only because we have resolved to put the customer first and display unwavering professionalism in every facet of our being.

Fixes encompasses everything good about or services and we are able to deliver top notch quality to those in need. This is facilitated by a group of skilled professionals who are very versatile and deft at handling any scenario. This has made it possible for us to incorporate disparate services such as residential cleaning to babysitting.

We are here to help you solve the issues of maintenance, and we see ourselves as the people who can shoulder that responsibility for you, giving you time to focus on more pressing matters, while we get on with implementing our first class service to satisfy you. We envisage ourselves sitting on the helm of the maintenance industry in Dubai providing quality that none can compete with.